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     Ohseok KWON

           Kyungpook National University

           Tel:+82-53-950-5762, E-mail:ecoento@knu.ac.kr

Review Paper
397 Gene flow from herbicide resistant genetically modified rice toconventional rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars
  GM rice, isolation distance, Oryza sativa L., wind direction
  Sung Min Han, Bumkyu Lee, Ok Jae Won, Ki Seon Hwang, Su Jeoung Suh, Chang-Gi Kim, Kee Woong Park
Research Paper
405 Analysis for the relationship of environmental factors and vegetation structure at natural streamside valley and riparian forest in South Korea
  CCA, hardwood forest, indicator species,, softwood forest, TWINSPAN
  Kyu-Tae Cho, Rae-Ha Jang, Young-Han You
451 A study on breeding ecology and nest characteristics of oriental scops owl (Otus sunia stictonotus) in South Korea
  breeding ecology, breeding failure factors, breeding success, nest characteristics
  Sun-Ho No, Chung-Youl Baek, Young-Han You, Sam-Rae Cho
425 Budget and distribution of organic carbon in Quercus serrata Thunb. ex Murray forest in Mt. Worak
  allometric equation, biomass, deciduous forest, net ecosystem production, temperate seasonal change
  Seung-Hyuk Lee, Rae-Ha Jang, Kyu-Tae Cho, Young-Han You
437 Seed longevity of glyphosate resistant transgenic creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) lines
  Agrostis stolonifera, deterioration, germination, glyphosate, GMO, seed burial
  Daniel Hancock, Kee Woong Park, Carol A. Mallory Smith
443 The changes of soil salinity in the Pinus densiflora forest after seawater spread using a fire-fight helicopter
  fire, fight helicopter, forest fire, microbial activity, saline water, soil properties, soil salinity
  Jeong Soo Park, Kyu-Sang Koo, Eun Ju Lee
451 Effect of island geography on plant species on uninhabited islands in southeastern South Korea
  biogeography, flora, naturalized plants, uninhabited islands
  Sei-Woong Choi, Jeong-Seop An, Hyo-Sik Yang
461 Soil development and bacterial community shifts along the chronosequence of the Midtre Lov챕nbreen glacier foreland in Svalbard
  bacterial succession, chronosequence, glacier foreland, high arctic, soil developm
  Hye Young Kwon, Ji Young Jung, Ok-Sun Kim, Dominique Laffly, Hyoun Soo Lim, Yoo Kyung Lee
477 A comparison of five Korean snake species��reproductive organ sizes, Oocatochus rufodorsatus and Rhabdophis tigrinus in Colubridae and Gloydius saxatilis, G. brevicaudus and G. ussuriensis in Viperidae
  Colubridae, mating system, reproductive organ, sexual selection, sperm competition, Viperidae
  Heon-Joo Lee, Ja-Kyeong Kim, Il-Hun Kim, Kyo-Sung Koo, Jaejin Park, Se-Ra Kwon, Daesik Park
485 Evaluation and validation of stem volume models for Quercus glauca in the subtropical forest of Jeju Island, Korea
  forest management, gotjawal forest, model evaluation, model validation, Mt. Halla, Sub, tropical forests
  Yeon Ok Seo, Roscinto Ian C. Lumbres, Hyun Kyu Won, Sung Cheol Jung, Young Jin Lee
493 Influence of microenvironment on the spatial distribution of Himantormia lugubris (Parmeliaceae) in ASPA No. 171, maritime Antarctic
  Antarctic, ASPA, Himantormia lugubris, niche, spatial distribution, Usnea spp
  Seung Ho Choi, Seok Cheol Kim, Soon Gyu Hong, Kyu Song
505 Nutrient regime, N:P ratios and suspended solids as key factors influencing fish tolerance, trophic compositions, and stream ecosystem health
  chlorophyll, a, fish fauna, multi, metric model, N:P ratio, nutrient
  Seon-Young Kim, Kwang-Guk An
517 Decomposition of leaf litter of some evergreen broadleaf trees in Korea
  decomposition, decomposition constant, evergreen broadleaf, leaf litter, physico, chemical effects
  Kyung Eui Lee, Sangsub Cha, Sang Hoon Lee, Jae Kuk Shim
529 Prediction of changes in distribution area of Scopura laminate in response to climate changes of the Odaesan National Park of South Korea
  climate change, endemic species, MaxEnt, Odaesan National Park, Scopura laminata, species conservation
  Soon Jik Kwon, Tae Geun Kim, Youngjun Park, Ohseok Kwon, Youngho Cho
537 First report of interspecific facultative social parasitism by Polistes sp. on Polistes djakonovi Kostylev (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in South Korea
  interspecific facultative, Polistes, social parasitism
  Moon Bo Choi, Ohseok Kwon
541 Status of wetland vascular plant species in Korea
  facultative wetland plant, Korea, obligate wetland plant
  Yeonsook Choung, Woo Tchul Lee, Kang-Hyun Cho, Kwang Yeong Joo, Byeong Mee Min, Jin-Oh Hyun, Kyu Song Lee, Kyungeun Lee, Anna Seo
Special Issue
545 Newly recorded diatom species in marine and fresh water of Korea
  Bacillariophyta, indigenous diatoms, Korea, new records
  Jin Hwan Lee, Joon Sang Park
563 Floristic Survey of Diatom in the Three Islands (Baeknyeong,Daecheong, Socheong) from Yellow Sea of Korea
  diatoms,, flora,, Korea,, Yellow Sea
  Sang Deuk Lee, Suk Min Yun, Joon Sang Park, Jin Hwan Lee
599 New records of three dinophycean genera Dinophysis, Histioneis,and Parahistioneis (Dinophysiales, Dinophyceae) from coastal waters of Jeju Island, Korea
  Dinophysaceae, Dinophysis, Histioneis, Jeju Island, Parahistioneis
  Joon-Baek Lee, Hyeung-Sin Kim, Han-Sik Chung
611 New records of the genus Spirogyra (Zygnemataceae,Conjugatophyceae) in Korea
  Conjugation, Spirogyra, taxonomy, Zygnematales, zygospore
  Jee-Hwan Kim
619 A study of newly recorded genera and species of filamentous blue-green algae (Cyanophyceae, cyanobacteria) in Korea
  benthic habitats, filamentous blue, green algae, new records from Korea, planktonic cyanobacteria
  Mi-Ae Song, Ok-Min Lee
629 Additions to the six taxa of the genus Cosmarium (Desmidiaceae,Charophyta) in Korea
  flora, freshwater algae, genus Cosmarium, newly recorded species of Korea
  Ok-Min Lee
637 Nine taxa of newly recorded species of chlorophytes (Chlorophyceae and Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta) in Korea
  Conjugation, Spirogyra, taxonomy, Zygnematales, zygospore
  Jee-Hwan Kim
647 New record of Codium lucasii (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) in Korea
  Chlorophyta, Codium lucasii, Korea, molecular analyses, morphology, new record
  Jae Woo An, Ki Wan Nam
655 New record of the genus Neodilsea and N. yendoana (Dumontiaceae, Gigartinales) in Korea
  first record, Korea, morphology, Neodilsea yendoana, rbcL sequences, red algal species
  Pil Joon Kang, Ki Wan Nam
663 New record of the red algae, Halarachnion parvum (Gigartinales)and Champia lubrica (Rhodymeniales), from Korea
  Champia lubrica, Halarachnion parvum, morphology, rbcL, Rhodophyta, taxonomy
  Mi Yeon Yang, Young Ho Koh, Myung Sook Kim